Update January 12 2019: During the beta period which began in December 2018, users who sign-up for an account and fund the account will not be charged any fees. Only after users complete KYC and virtual/physical cards are distributed will this fee structure be in effect. Users who sign up during the beta period will be notified immediately when KYC validation is available through the BlockCard website and their virtual card number becomes active -- and no fees will be charged before this. 

We have worked hard to remove as many fees as possible; however - these fees are mandated by our banking partners.

Activation Fee : $5.00

Monthly Maintenance Fee : $5.00 unless spend $750 or more

PIN Transaction Fee (Domestic) : $1.00

PIN Transaction Fee (Int’l) : $2.00

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee (Domestic) : $3.00

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee (Int’l) : $3.50

ATM Balance Inquiry Fee (Domestic) : $0.50

Automated Customer Service Fee 1-877-766-3551 : $0.50

Card Replacement Fee : $10.00 (plastic) / $50.00 (metal)

Account Closure/Balance Refund Fee : $10.00

*Fees are subject to change at any time.