We continually work hard to reduce or remove as many fees as possible; however - these fees are mandated by our partners.  We believe in fee transparency for our customers. 

Account Fees

Crypto Deposit Fee : $0.00 (Fiat Direct Deposit fee is $2.00 per direct load.)

Crypto Withdrawal Fee : $0.00

Card Fees

Monthly Fee : $5.00 ($0/waived if spending more than $750 in non-cash transactions per month)  

See main website for more details.

Signature Transaction Fee : $0.00

Standard Transaction Fee (No PIN) : $0.00

Transaction Fee (PIN) : $1.00

Foreign Transaction Fee (PIN) : $2.00

ATM Domestic Fee : $3.00

ATM Decline Fee : $0.00

ATM International Fee : $3.50

ATM Decline International fee : $0.50

ATM Balance Inquiry Fee : $0.50

Note: A separate surcharge fee may be charged by the ATM owner.

Customer Service Fee for PIN updates 1-833-316-6052 : $0.00

Activation Fee : $10.00 (Included activation of both the plastic and virtual cards.)

Replace Card Fee (Lost or Stolen Replacement) : $10.00

Account Cancellation (and Balance Refund) Fee :  $0.00

*Fees are subject to change at any time.