One of the most popular web3 self-custody wallets supported by Unbanked Yield is Metamask.

How do I install Metamask?

Go to and select the Android or iOS app for mobile, or select the browser extension for desktop (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave).  For most users creating a wallet for the first time, the desktop option will make the process a little bit easier.  If you have never created a wallet before using Metamask, you will be guided through setting up your wallet for the first time.  For more information, this article explains the setup process in more.

How do I Connect Metamask to Unbanked Yield?

If you are using the browser extension for Metamask or supported WalletConnect web3 wallet, make sure the extension is unlocked and click on any of the Connect Wallet buttons on the yield page to get started connecting your wallet.

If you are using the mobile app version of your web3 wallet, and accessing your Unbanked account from a smartphone, connecting your wallet will work a little differently from a desktop browser.  MetaMask Mobile uses an internal web browser like the ones you use every day, except this one can also link your Metamask wallet with applications like Unbanked Yield. To access this special wallet-connected browser, click on Browser from the application's drop down menu, and go to  

Important: In order for your mobile Metamask wallet to connect you must be on the Fantom network.  For additional details, see below.

Last step – switching to the Fantom network — how do I do that?

If you are using the browser extension for desktop, you will be presented with the option to automatically switch your Metamask wallet to the Fantom network by clicking the Connect to Fantom Wallet button:

This will prompt your Metamask extension to add and switch to the Fantom Opera network as its default network. Once you have done so successfully, it will look like this:

If you are the Metamask mobile app, you will need to add the Fantom network manually at this time.  Please use the screenshots below to guide you to the process if you need assistance.  Under Settings > Networks, select Add Network, and add the Fantom Opera network using the following details:

Network Name

Fantom Opera


Chain ID




Then connect your wallet by tapping on Settings > Browser as described above to access this special wallet-connected browser, and go to  You will automatically be prompted to connect.