If you have just opened your account, the first step is to complete KYC and make your initial deposit to fund your card.  Because this is a prepaid card, it works differently from a credit card — it needs to have a pre-funded starting balance.   Your account will show as 'inactive' until KYC is completed and your card is activated, and accounts currently require a minimum balance of at least $10 in order to complete the KYC identity verification process (we recommend at least $30-50 to start with to cover the one time $10 KYC & activation fee, and have enough remaining to begin spending right away after that).  


All users who meet the minimum balance requirement can click on the "Select Card" link on your account dashboard which will allow you to complete your card application.  A virtual card (with full card number and expiration/CVV) will be available immediately in your account dashboard and, if you are receiving a physical card, that physical card is sent to you in the mail, arriving in 7 to 12 business days.  Your physical card will have a different card number than the virtual card, but both will draw from the same account balance.

The minimum balance is used to protect your account against the volatility of crypto markets — your card spendable balance is the amount of your balance exceeding $10.